Work Shirt Reconstruction

Even more than creating new garments from scratch, I love giving new life to old clothes. Old shirts are my favorite "canvas" are a couple of denim work shirt re-makes. Click on "read more" to see the shirts.

This was my first work shirt remake. Easy as pie! Cut off the collar, cut off the buttons, cut off the sleeve just above the placket. I moved the pocket to the right hip area, and added embroidery to the area where the pocket used to be.
The sleeve edges are finished with an over-cast stitch to leave them with a bit of a rough look. I sewed the elastic right on the inside sleeve with a zig-zag stitch (no need for a casing).

After sewing the front closed, I used a small smocking stitch to gather up the neck opening, then I added a cotton lace trim to finish the neck.

I started with the same style shirt here, but gave it a completely different treatment.

I removed the collar, and stitched the top edge of the collar band back up to create a Mandrin collar.

I changed out the buttons with some fun little flowers from my button jar.

I added quite a bit of hand embroidery using some vintage transfers.

Once again, I cut the sleeve just above the placket. This time though, I hemmed, and slightly pleated the sleeve, and attached the placket just for a little added detail.

And as I did with the other shirt, I moved the pocket, and added some machine embroidery where the pocket originally was. I also added a little machine embroidery to the pocket before sewing it to the hip area.
And my latest work shirt re-make. A very old shirt that I had hand embroidered. I cut off the entire collar, cut the sleeves just above the placket, and created a false cuff which I top-stitched to keep it in place. My favorite part of this one is the new bottom...after cutting the bottom of the shirt off, I placed it backwards and stitched it back together, then top stitched the seam allowance down on both sides of the seam.


  1. I am going to have fun making all of these - guess I will have to buy hubby some new work shirts !