Wrapped Dresser

No, it isn't sewn, but it's in my sewing room so...close enough.

My next door neighbor was getting rid of an old pine dresser -- you know, the kind with the clunky metal handles. I was in need of storage for sewing supplies. Rather than spending hours sanding, and painting I decided to cover it with wrapping paper.
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Ok, well I did do a little painting...I just used some of my acrylic craft paints on the face of the dresser (behind the drawer faces), and the top edge. The yellow on the face looked fine, but the red paint on the edges was a little too bright for my taste, so once it was dry, I painted over it with black paint, and then wiped it with a rag to get an antiqued effect.

I purchased 2 rolls of paper, and some Mod Podge (a white glue like substance used for decoupage; available at any craft store). After cutting the paper to size, I used a foam craft/paint brush to apply the Mod Podge to the wood, then placed the paper. Once the paper was dry, I added a second coat of Mod Podge on top of the paper.

Since the original hardware wasn't suitable, I replaced it with some gross grain ribbon from my sewing stash. I just put one end of the ribbon through each of the existing hardware holes, and tied the two ends together on the inside of the drawer. I also used some white glue to attach more ribbon as trim.

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