Accessories Made From Window Valances

Some time ago while browsing through my local dollar store, I came across some wonderful white, linen like cotton cut-work window valances. I immediately tossed about a dozen of them in my cart figuring I'd think of something to do with them.

My first thought was of tea towels. These valances were about 15" tall X 60" wide. I used a seam ripper to un-sew the rod pocket, and cut the valance into 4 equal pieces. I then made a small (about 1/4") hem on the top and sides -- voila! 4 tea towels for the unbelieveable price of $1.

By cutting the valance in half, I had enough fabric for 2 aprons. Since the valance was hemmed on the edges already, I just hemmed the one raw edge where I had cut it in half, added a waistband/tie, and a little decorative stitching.

I used some of the valance fabric to make some hanger covers. These are great for hanging those strappy little tops and dresses that usually slip right off the hanger. You can use them as garment dust covers as well -- for those things you don't wear often, slip the hanger cover over the garment.

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