Hand Sewing

machine over-cast stitch
Creating a blind hem using a sewing machine is a technique that takes a great deal of practice, and even then, the only way to get a truly blind hem is to stitch by hand -- especially when you're hemming delicate fabrics, or knits. I generally use an over-cast stitch on my sewing machine to cover the raw edge of the hem, then sew the hem by hand.

There will be many little details that you will need to sew by hand when constructing garments, accessories, and even home dec items. As well, hand basting is a technique that you will find invaluable as you move on to more complicated projects.

There is a wonderful reference page on the Sewing.org website called SEW-loutions Guidlines that's filled with how-to's, including a section on hand sewing. I encourage you to have a look, and begin to familiarize yourself with hand sewing techniques

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