How to Make a Casserole Gripper

Some call it a Pot Pincher, I'm calling it a Casserole Gripper. Here's how to make one. If want printable pattern pieces for this project, feel free to send your e-mail request to -- I'll send a PDF file containing the pattern pieces for printing.

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Materials for 1 Set of Casserole Grippers:

2 fat quarters

Enoungh fleece, or batting to cut two 6" X 8" oval pieces.

1 package double fold bias tape

Cut three of the oval pattern pieces (if you don't have the pattern, cut three 6" X 8" ovals) -- one of each fabric, and one of the  batting.

Layer the three pieces with the batting in the middle, and the right sides of the fabric facing out. Anchor the 3 pieces together using a straight or decorative stitch.

Cut 2 pieces of each fabric using the half moon piece of the pattern. If you do not have the pattern, cut one oval of each piece of fabric. Cut each oval in half across the center, and trim about 1/2" off of each straight edge.

With right sides together, stitch one piece of fabric #1 to one piece of fabric #2 across the straight edge (use a 1/4" seam allowance. Turn, and press.

Place the 2 half moon pieces on top of the piece, and baste the layers together, or pin the layers together near the center of the half pieces.
Open one side of the bias tape, and pin or baste around the edge of the bottom of the oval. Machine stitch the bias tape to the oval at the fold as shown below. 

Trim the excess fabric close to the edge of the bias tape you just stitched down. 

Bring the still folded edge of the bias tape around to the top, and baste, or pin in place as shown below. Don't forget to fold the raw edge of the bias tape under at the end.

Stitch the bias tape in place using a zig zag stitch. 

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