Make Your Own Custom T-Shirts

Once upon a time, I set out to learn how to make custom t-shirts. I started where most people do -- with an inkjet printer, transfer paper, and a home iron. I wasted about 30 shirts figuring out which methods, and transfer paper would give me a good, long lasting print. In my "other life" as a garment decorator, I've since gone on to use other methods (screen printing, custom cut heat applied vinyl, and sublimation) and a heat press for making custom tees, but for those of you who want to DIY, or use a photo as your design, then inkjet transfer paper is still your best bet. The papers have improved a great deal since I first began to use them -- provided you use the "right" paper.

I've posted a tutorial of sorts on my other site that will tell you everything (well, almost everything) you need to know about making custom t-shirts with inkjet transfer paper, and your home iron. So if you've ever thought about making a few custom t-shirts without making a big investment in equipment, or materials, or time, then this article is for you.

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