Re-fitting the Peasant Blouse

I recently made the blouse on the left using Butterick See & Sew B5480. Although I could see that the sleeve piece was quite wide, I didn't make any adjustments. So, even though I liked the style of the blouse, once I pulled the drawstring on the neck to fit, the whole blouse was just too poofy.
Taking the blouse apart to make it smaller wasn't really an option...I should have done that before I cut, so I needed to come up with options to re-fit the already finished garment. My first thought was to add several rows of elastic at the waist, but my figure is a little too round for that option. So I decided the best option for me was to take some of the bulk from the front by making it a button up blouse. As for the back, I added a couple of "strings" just above the waist that tie in the back. Click on "Read more" to continue...

I started by putting the blouse on to determine how much I wanted to pull it in, pinned it, and marked both sides (left and right) so I would know where to fold each side under.

I then cut the blouse up the middle, and finished the edges. I really didn't need to finish the edges because I was turning the fabric under twice to create a button placket, but I had too much fabric there, so the easiest way to trim some off was to let the serger blade trim while I finished the edge.

Once I pressed the edges under, I top-stitched to create the button placket. Now normally when making a shirt with button-holes, I would use an interfacing to stabilize the plackets, but since I wanted this blouse to drape, I omitted that.

I then marked where I wanted my button holes...3 inches apart was what I determined I wanted. Since this isn't a fitted shirt, I wasn't too concerned about where the button holes would fall. Once I made the button holes, I marked the placement for the buttons. The needle case that's taped to my machine there is my guide to make sure that all of my button holes, and button are an equal distance from the edge.

All that was left to to now was to make a few ties with some scrap fabric, and attatch them at the side seams.

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