Recycle Jeans Style Skirt into a Purse

This project was really just about making a new purse for myself, but I've become so accustomed to photographing every step of every project I do that once I had the camera out, I decided I'd go ahead and create a tutorial.

I used a jeans style skirt, but I don't see any reason why you can use pants. Using the skirt seems a little easier because there are no back pocket, but I'm sure with just a little thought, you can make work around that.

Here's the step by step tutorial...including a section on adding a zippered interior pocket.
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a jeans sytle skirt, or pants

lining fabric -- if you're buying off the bolt, about 1/3 yard...if you're using scraps, then 2 pieces about 12"  to 14" square

a zipper -- for a true recycle, use the zipper from the pants

a closure

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