Vogue Hat Pattern 8405

I love the way this hat looks, but holy cow did it ever take me a while to end up here. It's not that the pattern design, or construction is difficult -- my choice of materials just made the job quite challenging. The fabric is a light weight, silky woven blend from the remnant bin at my local indie fabric store. Not really suitable for a hat...a stiffer fabric, something with more body would be the ideal. Still, partly because the fabric is reversible, I just couldn't resist trying.

I used the stiffest interfacing I could find, which was not a problem on the brim, but it proved to be quite contrary when attaching the crown, and top pieces. The difficulty was in getting everything attached evenly. Ultimately, I took the crown off, and hand basted the interfacing to the fabric, then hand basted the top to the crown to attach it. The band is a scrap of a linen like fabric with serged edges. I like to rough look of that against the clean, crisp look of the white & blue fabric. If I make this hat again, I think I'll use a medium weight interfacing on the crown, and top pieces but stick with the heavy interfacing for the brim.

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