Serge a Rolled or Narrow Hem

Yes...another fabric from my stash of vintage fabrics. I love this print, but didn't have quite enough to make a blouse, so I tucked it away, and ear-marked it for a scarf. The piece was slightly less than 1 yard. I cut it in half, and joined the two 44" X 16" pieces at the short sides. Although the size is more that of a shawl, the fabric is light weight enough that I can wear it as a scarf as well.

Because the fabric was so light weight, and I already had my serger set up for a rolled hem, I used the rolled hem stitch to join the 2 pieces. That actually worked out rather nicely. I then just created a rolled hem around all the edges. Here's how I set up my American Home AH100 (twin to the Baby Lock Lauren) serger for a rolled hem...
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  1. going to try this, NO WHERE ELSE did I find I need a rolled hem plate..thanks