How To Make Ribbon Flowers

I just love these little ribbon flowers not just for their look, but because they're so versatile. You could sew them directly onto a bag, or can add a pin to the back to use one as a brooch...

I even stitched a binder clip on the back of one, and used it as a gift bag closure.

They're fairly quick, and easy to make, and since all the stitching is done by hand I can make them while I'm watching TV, or take my materials along with me to keep busy while in a waiting room, or just about anywhere. Click on "Read more" to view the tutorial...

For the purposes of the tutorial, I cut a piece of ribbon about 12" long to make a small flower. Generally, I work with the ribbon right off the roll (or a 2 or 3 yard piece), and cut the ribbon off when I'm ready to start turning the flower.

I've found that grosgrain, and sheer ribbons work the best -- satin ribbon is a little more challenging because of its slippery nature. You can use any width of ribbon you like, but I would suggest you use a ribbon that is at least 5/8" wide.

Here we go...have fun.

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