Market Tote Pattern

The grocery, and drug stores in the county can no longer provide plastic bags for customers. Now while that's a good thing, I do find it mildly irritating that they must charge ten cents for each paper bag provided to the customer. So even though I have (and use) several large canvas bags for grocery shopping, I was still finding myself without a bag when I stopped at the store unexpectedly. To make sure that I always had a bag when needed, I made a few more of my Market Totes to keep in my purse. Two of them fit nicely in a little zippered pouch, but I also found that that I could use the left over U shaped scrap to make a small, open ended pouch for the bag.

This is a very simple bag to make, and it requires only 1/2 yard of fabric. You can find this pattern and more in my pattern store at Craftsy 

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