Guitar Straps

I was looking around the internet last week...searching for something different to make. I came across a handmade guitar strap and said "why didn't I think of that?" My husband is a musician, and it occurred to me that the female musicians get a little short-changed when it comes to finding accessories -- so much masculine stuff, and not much girly stuff.

So I set about figuring out how to make these. I use cotton fabric, and heavy interfacing (actually, I'm using up a giant roll of heavy cut-away embroidery stabilizer from my stash.) For the tabs, I'm using upholstery vinyl. The hard part was finding the 2" plastic slider, and rectangle loop. I would have thought that any fabric store, or purse making supply site would carry them, but it seems that 1" is the largest available at the retail level for the most part. I ended up sourcing a large quantity from a wholesaler.

Now I could have purchased a cheap guitar strap, and used the plastic fittings, and leather tabs, but that created a couple of other issues for me since I plan to sell these. For one, that would increase my production cost, and secondly, most of the straps have the makers name imprinted on the tab -- I don't want anybody's name but my own on my work! So here they are...some of my hand-made guitar straps...up for sale in my Etsy Store (Sew Mimi Designs).


  1. Do you still sell the guitar strap kit? Eager to make this pattern for a friend for his birthday!

    1. Yes. I received your order from my Etsy store...thank you. The PDF tutorial is available from my Etsy store as well as my Craftsy pattern store should you need that.