Easy DIY Gift Idea -- Fleece Slouch Hat

While getting ready for a couple of craft shows, I got it in my head that I needed another hat option besides The Mimi Hat. I at first thought I would make a simple beret, but after searching through my massive pattern collection, and several on line tutorials, I still hadn't found just what I was looking for. Then I remembered some little crocheted hats that my mother used to whip up for me in the 60's and 70's. I loved those hats...I could tuck all my hair underneath and go.

So I turned my thoughts to those old slouch hats, and reminded myself "don't make this harder than it has to be!" Well...I love the way they turned out. I even added some embroidery to a few of them -- because this hat is not lined, you can add your embroidery design either before or after constructing the hat.

I made my hats in fleece, but there are other fabric options that would work just as well. Sweatshirt fleece, sweater knit, stretchy velour, double knit, or just about any fabric that has a little bit of stretch to it so that the band has a little give. I would just make sure to cut the band on the direction of the fabric that has some stretch. If you're using a fabric that doesn't have any stretch, then try cutting the band on the bias. 

I made 2 versions...one is pleated, and the other is gathered. Neither is easier or quicker than the other -- either can be made in about an hour. I've created a tutorial with instructions for cutting the circle and the band, and I've included sizing for kids as well as adults. The tutorial includes full instructions, and pictures, with some tips for beginners. The tutorial is available now in my Craftsy Pattern Store.

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