Scrappy Little Bandanas

After making dozens of guitar straps I found myself with a good sized pile of rather large, odd sized fabric scraps. Some pieces were 8" X 22", and some were about 3" X 44". In other words, they were too large to throw away, but not quite big enough to make much of anything with. Then one sunny Sunday morning inspiration hit...perhaps I could make some bandanas. I call them my "Crazy Patch Bandanas".

I spent about an hour "auditioning" my little fabric scraps. I started laying out my panels and strips to sew together. In some cases I didn't have enough panels to make the bandana at least 20" square, but I think those that are smaller are suitable for little girls.

I used my serger to sew the panels and strips together. If you don't have a serger, then I would suggest using a flat fell seam so that you don't have any raw edges exposed, or and over-edge stitch to minimize that raw edge look. Once I had my panels together I cut the bottom edge to create a square. Since I'm not a quilter, and don't have that special eye and skill set that they have, cutting the square after sewing the panels together was much easier for me than trying to cut each piece to the exact same length.

I serged and then hemmed the edges of the first bandana I made -- that added a thickness to the edges that I didn't really like, so after that I finished the edges with my serger. If you don't have a serger, the rolled hem foot for your sewing machine will create a nice finished edge. 

I think they turned out really cute! The fun part of these is that depending on which corners you choose to meet to form the triangle, and which side you choose of that folded bandana, you get a completely different look. 

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