Michele deCesare

Castro Valley, CA
(925) 895-3045

Screaming Mimi is Michele deCesare -- a home based seamstress, and garment decorator. It all started with Screaming Mimi's Tees -- well, sort of.

After closing my somewhat short lived retail store, Bessie & Me Designs, I wanted to continue offering custom embroidery, and screen printing services from my home shop. What with the economy being what it was in 2009, I needed to add some services in order to keep going. It occured to me that my 40+ years of sewing experience just might qualify me to teach sewing, so I began work on creating a cirriculum for the beginning sewer.

Realizing that the opportunity to learn the basics in 8th grade Home Ec no longer exists, I wanted to develop a course that would start with the basics. My "Get Started Sewing -- Part 1, The Absolute Basics" takes what I like to call a "Dick & Jane" approach to learning the skill. By giving the student basic information about machine use, tools, how to read patterns, and fabric characteristics, sewing becomes much more enjoyable for the novice.

Along with the beginner lessons, I also offer project based coaching. The student schedules time with me to work on their project, at their own pace. I also provide machine embroidery instruction.

My teaching, and sewing services are done in my Castro Valley, CA home.