All courses are private, one-on-one sessions conducted in my Castro Valley home. If you have friends, or family who would like to take the course with you, we can create a group session at a discounted rate (discount will depend on the number of students taking the course).

Sessions times and dates are arranged on a individual basis. Daytime, and evening sessions are available during the week. Saturday sessions are also available, but be aware that those fill up quickly.

Call Michele at (925) 895-3045, or send an e-mail to for more information, or to schedule a session.

Get Started Sewing Part 1 -- The Absolute Basics

Course Fee: $45
Course Length: 2.5 hours
Course Type: Private Session

Unlike other beginner sewing classes, The Absolute Basics does not begin with a sewing project. Why? Because in order to successfully complete that first project, you need to first learn, well...The Absolute Basics.

The class begins with an in depth tour of the sewing machine including how to use all of the machine features -- this is where you'll do some practice sewing. You'll learn the ins and outs of threading, bobbins, tools, adjustments, maintenance, feet & accessories, and stitches. I'll show you the must have sewing tools, and supplies you'll need to equip your sewing basket.

You'll learn how to choose and read sewing patterns, and we'll discuss the role that fabric characteristics play in your project. I'll demonstrate how to lay out and cut a pattern, standard assembly rules.

You do not need to own a sewing machine to take this class -- in fact, if you do not already have a machine, I suggest you wait until after you've completed the class to purchase one.

Get Started Machine Embroidery -- The Basics

Course Fee: $75
Course Length: 4 hours (completed in 2 sessions)
Course Type: Private Session

This "Get Started" course covers the basics of design elements, hooping stabilizers, topping, which needle to use for which fabric, and various tools that make the job easier, and produce a polished, professional look. Also covers the basics of moving designs from computer to embroidery machine, and adding text.